Nalanda Srivijaya and Beyond Re-exploring Buddhist Art in Asia

Author: Gauri Parimoo Krishnan

ISBN: 978-981-09-9912-4
Format: Paperback
Pages: 296
Price: SGD 35

Recent studies of intra-Asian trade and Buddhist networks have brought fresh perspectives to the understanding of the pre-modern interaction between South and Southeast Asia. Through centuries of selective adaptation and localization of intellectual, cultural, aesthetic, and economic exchanges Buddhist art in Asia has continued to thrive. Fresh research and archaeological data help locate centres of exchange which catalyzed the process of localization. This collection of essays, based on a conference held in conjunction with On the Nalanda Trail: Buddhism in India, China and Southeast Asia, an exhibition organized by the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore, in 2008, is a re-exploration of Buddhist art, archaeology, and epigraphy.

Focusing on ancient monastic centres and temples including Nalanda, Mainamati, Kizil, Kedah, Dulesi, and Longxingsi Dabeige, papers in this volume offer newer perspectives on aspects of text-image-inscription correlation. This volume is an attempt at interdisciplinary study of cross-cultural trails that lead to localized Buddhist practice patterns and artistic diversities.